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Handicap 1.5 - All you need to know about the half goal handicap for beginners

Handicap 1.5 is the most basic betting option that newcomers to football betting need to know as soon as they step into the realm of sports betting. This type of bet usually appears in matches where one team is significantly stronger than the other. Here, bet win tips will provide you with all the information about this half goal handicap as well as effective sports betting tips!

What is Handicap 1.5?

Handicap 1.5 can be found on the odds table of reputable bookmakers under names such as half goal handicap or 1 ½ handicap. This is the most fundamental handicap bet that any newcomer needs to know when entering the world of sports betting. Typically, this type of odds is most prevalent in matches where one team is stronger than the other.

Understanding Handicap 1.5

Handicap 1.5 can be understood simply as before the match starts, the favorite team will give a 1.5 goal advantage to the underdog team. If you bet on the favorite team, you will win if they win by more than 1.5 goals, otherwise, you will lose. Therefore, it's essential to thoroughly understand the odds before placing your bet.

Outcome of Handicap 1.5

When participating in analyzing odds and betting at the number one bookmaker ratings Wintips, players need to understand specific scenarios regarding winning, losing, or drawing with the 1.5 handicap:

If the favorite team wins by a margin of 2 goals or more against the underdog team, the bet on the favorite team will win, while the bet on the underdog team will lose.

If you bet on the favorite team with a 1.5 handicap but they win by a large margin, you'll end up empty-handed. However, if you bet on the underdog team, your wager will be safe.

If you bet on the underdog team but the favorite team wins, you will lose all bets placed on the underdog.

In the event of a draw, if you bet on the favorite team, you will lose, but if you bet on the underdog team, your wager will be returned.

Effective Tips for Playing Handicap 1.5

In general, this type of handicap betting can pose many challenges for newcomers. Therefore, to play effectively with minimal effort, you should quickly grasp the following tips shared by Wintips:

Choose the right time to place a Handicap 1.5 bet.

Research match information thoroughly.

Select suitable odds for betting.

Manage your betting capital effectively.


Handicap 1.5 offers a straightforward gameplay and high reward payout ratio, but the risk of losing is also significant. This type of bet often appears when two teams are relatively equal in strength, meaning one is strong and the other is weak. To increase your chances of winning, you can consider applying the effective betting tips provided above. Additionally, don't forget to visit the number one bookmaker, Wintips, to accumulate information daily!

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