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The Promise Rings For Couples is a symbol for love for the millennial generation.

Valentine's Day is a time to be romantic, sharing wonderful moments with loved ones, and maybe even proposing. The question is, what engagement ring to select? Beyond the aesthetics and the selection of the stone this symbol of love is a custom that dates back to the millennia. Back to the beginnings.

Giving a ring to your loved one is a custom that dates back to the time of ancient Egypt. Since Antiquity this gesture has been embraced by all classes of society. A simple iron ring is given to lovers with modest backgrounds. A jewel made from precious metals for those who have more luck. More than a proof of love, it is more importantly a formal agreement between the potential spouses and their families prior to the wedding ceremony. The engagement ring is the vow of marriage and the commitment of both parties. It is worn on the ring finger due to the belief of the time the "vein of love" linked this finger to the heart.

The first engagement ring made of diamonds didn't appear until the 15th century. It is a jewel offered by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Marie de Bourgogne. From then on, we find rings with gems as well as high-quality stones more frequently.

However, it was necessary to wait until the 1880s before the ring adorned with diamonds tended to become more popular. Massive deposits were discovered in South Africa and made this precious mineral accessible to a larger market. In the 1930s, Maison De Beers, an investment and trading company, made America dream with its magnificent diamond rings worn by Hollywood stars. A few years later the company also made its mark with its famous formula "a diamond lasts forever". Diamond engagement rings are now an essential item. Some are also set with other stones, ruby, emerald, or even sapphire like Lady Di's ring.

The diamond engagement ring remains an emblem of love around the globe.

A ring for life

A beautiful and emotional ring, the engagement ring can be a symbol of love we cherish, which is worn and sometimes pass on from generation to generation. It is therefore essential to select it carefully in accordance with the style of your beloved, but taking care to the stone.

The diamond, as precious as it is scarce and precious, is also a remarkable heritage. It is a long-lasting and durable stone that can be worn for a lengthy duration without losing value when it's properly selected and set.

An engagement ring is one of the biggest jewelry purchases you'll make during your lifetime. It is therefore an important investment, both financially and emotionally, which is why we're here to assist you when choosing the diamond or evaluating the stone.

To ensure exceptional stone quality, GemInfinity offers a selection of unmounted diamonds which allow for safe investments. Once you've selected the diamond you want to mount it to the design you like to create a ring that is unique.

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