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(ONLINE>) Romania - Slovakia live watch 27 May 2023

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[17] Ukraine 2001 150, 989[18] Indigenous to Zakarpattia Oblast, Odessa Oblast, and Chernivtsi Oblast (additional 258, 619 Moldovans) France 2019 133, 000[19] Austria 132, 000[20] Immigrants, of whom 36, 000 live in Vienna[21] Belgium 105, 358[22] Israel 86, 200[23] Immigrants (mostly Romanian Jews) Greece 2011 46, 523[24] Immigrants (additional 10, 391 Moldovans).

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IIHF Worlds 2023

direct link to the data file: "Bevölkerung zu Jahresbeginn 2002-2021 nach detaillierter Staatsangehörigkeit" [Population at the beginning of 2002-2021 by detailed nationality] (XLSX) (in German). Statistics Austria. 10 May 2021. Tab "Tabelle" Row 32. Archived from the original on 19 October 2021. Retrieved 22 November 2021. ^ "Menschen in Wien" (PDF).

Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France, and Austria), North America (Canada and the United States), South America, and Australia. [1] Nonetheless, it is unclear if Băsescu included the indigenous Romanians living in the immediate surroundings of the Romanian state, which are those in Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine. In December 2013, Cristian David, the government minister for the Department for Romanians Everywhere, declared that a new reality illustrates that between 6–8 million Romanians live outside Romania's borders. This includes 2–3 million indigenous Romanians living in neighbouring states such as Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, the Balkans and especially the Republic of Moldova.

[[[TV>>]]-] Romania vs. Slovakia live streaming 27.05.2023

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