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Guide to Betting on Goal Scorer Market at 188Bet

Sports betting offers a multitude of options, and one intriguing aspect is betting on which player will score a goal. my football tips  provides various betting odds for football matches, including player-specific goal scorer bets. For those looking to explore different betting opportunities, here’s a comprehensive guide:

How to Bet on Goal Scorer

To place a bet on a player to score a goal in football matches, follow these steps:

Step 1: Become a Member Register an account with a reputable platform like 188Bet to ensure the safety of your personal and financial information.

Step 2: Deposit Funds After logging into your 188Bet account, deposit funds into your sports betting wallet. The platform supports multiple deposit methods, such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets, ensuring quick and easy transactions.

Step 3: Find Your Match Navigate to the sports betting section of 188Bet and locate your preferred tournament or match. The platform typically lists over 10 types of bets, including player goal scorer options.

For example: Match: Paris SG vs Inter Milan – 17:00 – 01/08/2023

Projected Lineups:

  • PSG (3-4-3): Donnarumma, Kurzawa, Marquinhos, Skriniar, Pereira, Ugarte, Vitinha, Gharbi, Emery, Asensio, Ekitike.

  • Inter (3-5-2): Stankovic, De Vrij, Gosens, Bastoni, Bisseck, Calhanoglu, Barella, Frattesi, Dumfries, Correa, Martinez.

A bettor selects Kurzawa to score the first goal with odds of 1:15.

Place Your Bet Enter the amount you wish to wager according to the platform’s guidelines.

Step 4: Follow the Match Monitor the match developments and collect your winnings if your chosen player scores, adhering to the platform’s payout rules.

>>Can you explain what is asian handicap in soccer betting and how it affects the odds for different teams?

Strategies for Betting on Goal Scorers

Understanding the dynamics of goal scorer bets and implementing effective strategies are crucial for success:

Analyze Team Factors Before placing your bets, consider team statistics such as recent performances and goal-scoring records. This analysis helps predict potential goal scorers accurately.

Select Players Likely to Score Focus on forwards and attacking players known for their goal-scoring abilities. Review their past performances and current form to gauge their potential in upcoming matches.

Compare Team Strengths Observe the betting odds provided by 188Bet, which often reflect the relative strengths of the competing teams. Favorable odds typically indicate stronger teams with higher chances of scoring.

Player Reputation Renowned players who frequently participate in matches are often favored by betting experts due to their consistent goal-scoring capabilities.

Advanced Strategies and Tips

Mastering the art of betting on goal scorers involves more than just picking a player and placing a bet. Here are some advanced strategies to consider:

1. Form and Fitness: Assessing a player's current form and fitness level is crucial. Players in good form are more likely to continue scoring goals, while those returning from injury or a slump may struggle to perform.

2. Match Context: Consider the significance of the match and its potential impact on player performance. Big games or decisive matches often bring out the best in key players who thrive under pressure.

3. Tactical Analysis: Understand the tactical approach of each team and how it affects the player's positioning and opportunities. Offensive tactics that emphasize attacking play increase the likelihood of a player scoring.

4. In-Game Adjustments: Stay updated on any last-minute changes, such as substitutions or tactical adjustments, which can alter a player's role and affect their goal-scoring potential.

5. Bet Responsibly: Set a budget and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses or placing large bets on uncertain outcomes. Responsible betting ensures a sustainable and enjoyable experience.

6. Live Betting Options: Utilize live betting features offered by platforms like 188Bet to capitalize on changing game dynamics. Observing how a match unfolds can provide valuable insights for adjusting your betting strategy.

7. Statistical Analysis: Use statistical tools and historical data to analyze player performance against specific opponents or in certain conditions (home vs. away matches, weather conditions, etc.).

8. Market Variations: Explore different goal scorer markets beyond the first goal, such as anytime goal scorers or multiple goals by a player. Diversifying your bets can spread risk and potentially increase returns.


Betting on goal scorers adds an exciting dimension to football betting, requiring a blend of strategic analysis, player insights, and a touch of intuition. By applying these advanced strategies and tips alongside a thorough understanding of the game, bettors can elevate their chances of making informed decisions and enjoying success in the goal scorer market at 188Bet.

When betting on goal scorers, consider the player's position and role on the field. Offensive positions in both teams significantly influence their goal-scoring opportunities. By understanding these dynamics and implementing informed strategies, bettors can enhance their chances of successful outcomes in goal scorer bets at the betting tips vip app 

Betting on goal scorers at 188Bet offers football enthusiasts a thrilling way to engage with the sport beyond mere match outcomes. Understanding the nuances of player performance, team dynamics, and strategic betting approaches can significantly enhance one's chances of success in this specialized market. By following the steps outlined—from registering with a trusted platform like 188Bet, to analyzing player statistics and match contexts—bettors can make more informed decisions. Moreover, employing advanced strategies such as assessing form, understanding tactical nuances, and responsibly managing bets ensures a well-rounded approach. Whether you're a novice exploring the excitement of goal scorer bets or an experienced bettor refining your strategies, the goal scorer market at 188Bet provides ample opportunities for entertainment and potential profit. Embrace these insights, apply them wisely, and enjoy the exhilaration of predicting football's decisive moments through goal scorer betting.

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