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(LIVESTREAM<<) Hungary - Ukraine live free 27.05.2023

Ukraine - BBC News

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Russian invasion of Ukraine: Latest news, analysis and

The two units that claimed responsibility for the incursion are the Free Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps, which are made up of Russian nationals who have been fighting in Ukraine against the Russian military. Russia has cast members of the assault force as Ukrainian militants and saboteurs; Ukraine’s deputy defense minister, Hanna Maliar, called them “Russian patriots” participating in an “internal Russian crisis.

The location of the video could not immediately be independently confirmed. “Our city and region have long stopped being defended, ” a man read from a paper, his hands trembling slightly as he stood in front of a group of other men. “We fully understand that ahead of the offensive led by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our forces won’t fully protect us. The front line is huge. The Ukrainian military’s involvement in the operation is not clear. While there have been attacks over this border during the 15-month-long war, Monday’s assault was unique in its brazenness and duration.

[[[Live Stream<<<<]]<<<<] Hungary v Ukraine live free 27. 05. Fomin said. “For now, Putin has had difficulties explaining why he started this war, what are its goals, and why Russians should go risk their lives in Ukraine, ” he said. “But if he can illustrate the infiltration of Russian territory by the sabotage groups from Ukraine, it might make it easier for him to sell a narrative about Russia being under attack and defending itself.

” His claims could not be independently verified. Ponomarev described the incursion as an effort to “liberate a certain part of Russian land, ” to force the Russian military to divert troops fighting in Ukraine and to destabilize President Vladimir V. Putin’s government. “We think now they need to reconsider and deploy more forces all along the Ukrainian border, ” Mr. Ponomarev said. A spokesman for the political wing of the Free Russia Legion, Aleksey Baranovsky, said the group captured two villages on Tuesday and held in total about eight square miles of Russian territory. ”While residents of the Belgorod region have long been living with the sounds of nearby explosions caused by the war, the attack over the past two days may deepen broader Russian fears and possibly even dent Mr.

”Mr. Peskov sought to tamp down talk of Russians taking up arms against fellow citizens, saying that the fighters were Ukrainians, not Russians. But the group that claimed the attack said that it was composed of Russians who “have finally returned home, ” as they put it on Telegram. Yuriy Karin, an analyst with Information Resistance, a group that debunks Russian propaganda, said that Russia’s halting official response to the attack showed “shock” that an incursion had been perpetrated. ”The need to place more soldiers along the border, stretching the Russian forces even thinner, would be favorable for Ukraine, Mr. Girkin, who goes by Igor Strelkov, concluded. Even before the attack that began on Monday, a group of Belgorod residents shared a video calling for the government to give them weapons to defend themselves from a possible incursion.

Putin’s popularity, said Ivan Fomin, a Russian analyst with the Washington-based Center for European Policy Analysis. “Some of the more hawkish segments of Russian society will see these attacks as another sign of the Kremlin’s weakness and incompetence, ” he said. “So, Putin can potentially lose some popularity among those who strongly support the war. ”However, depending on how the Kremlin and Russian state media portray the attacks, the incursion could also have a rally-round-the-flag effect, Mr.

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